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Google Earth 3-D Preflight Planning with Arrival Procedure displayed for ZPH Runway 19.

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VFRGPS Procedures  With Enhanced Preflight Planning and Inflight GPS Lateral Arrival Guidance that will elevate safety provide uniformity and enhance flying enjoyment by reducing workload during the arrival and landing phases of flight.

SkyVector with Arrival Procedure displayed for ZPH Runway 19.

In-Flight GPS

Lateral Guidance

to ZPH Runway 19

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our VFRGPS Procedures

Introductory Video of Basic Concepts.

3-D Preflight  Planning.

Our Proprietary VFRGPS Proceduresare integrated into Google Earth providing realistic 3-D Preflight  Planning.

Overlaying ourVFRGPS Procedures on SkyVector charts  with direct access links to the FAA National Flight Data Center, Airport Information and AF/D's, 1800wxbrief.com along with other critical preflight planning links. You are well on your way to through preflight planning required by FAR 91.103.

In fact you most likely have never planned  with the accuracy provided by  this combined technology.

With over 13,500 VFRGPS Procedures for airport runways in the U.S. and U.S. Territories, our goal is to use 21st Century technology to enhance VFR Arrivals.
While flying, our VFRGPS Procedures with GPS Lateral Arrival Guidance provides excellent situational awareness and workload reduction.

This is accomplished by GPS Lateral Guidance similar to Instrument Approaches, using six specific GPS arrival waypoints that guide the pilot through a universally designed standard procedure.

Enhanced preflight planningwith Inflight GPS Lateral Arrival Guidancewill enhance both safety and flying enjoyment by reducing workload during arrivals and landings.

SkyVectors - David Graves permitted  access to SkyVector for Enhanced Preflight Planning by displaying our arrivals on SkyVector charts via our KML files .

Our development team is made up of a mix of Instrument Pilots,  Instructors and Computer experts that are dedicated to innovation, product training, and above all, Enhanced Safety through 3-D Preflight Planning and GPS Lateral Arrival Guidance.

Our primary goal is to investigate the merit of our system, by inviting Industry Experts to evaluate our Enhanced 3D-Preflight Planningand GPS Lateral Arrival Guidance system.

As well as working with the FAA to establish inclusion of our procedures into the National Airspace System, and becoming the national repository for VFRGPS Waypoint that can be used by all EFB and Panel Mount providers as a value added feature to their product line.

GPS Lateral Guidance will provide excellent pattern control for a stabilized approach. Or reestablish a stabilized approach that may be needed by extended downwinds or distractions while in the pattern. Finding unfamiliar runways has never been easier especially at uncontrolled airports!  All features have been designed to reduce the arrival workload and enhance safety!

Our Google Earth 3-D Preflight Planning uses standard Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files allowed by Google Earth.  Zoom, Rotate, Tilt and Pan views gives you a look as if you were flying the arrival for your selected runway while at your desk.

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